Sunday, September 16, 2012

What matters to me the most

Sometimes it's very easy to forget who I am, but recent events reminded me of what matters to me the most.

To be innovative, to achieve cool things, or to make the world more convenient place to be, does make me happy and excited. That said, I realized that I won't be satisfied with those things, if my changes to the society do not solve such issues as poverty, violation of human rights, lack of opportunities and so on, which literally plague people even now. I may be able to create another Facebook (I know e probability is really low), but I would retrospect my life and regret it, saying that "so why did I spend my precious time just to make the world convenient?".

Now I recall what Frantz Fanon said. I don't exactly remember what he said, but it goes something like this: If the building of a bridge does not enrich the awareness of those who work on it, then that bridge ought not to be built.

Things are now crystal clear. Now I see what I need to do from now.

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