Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer Davos 2012

Annual Meeting of New Champions 2012 (known as Summer Davos) was held from Sep 11 to 13th. Having attended the forum, I felt it is great privilege to be invited such a session. 

I think the most valuable things in this forum is that you can meet people in the cutting-edge and ask questions in person. Granted, you can learn what is hot in every industry through internet nowadays, but to hear something directly from people's mouth and to be able to ask questions are totally different experience. Not to waste my time,  I asked questions in most of the sessions. 

A few sessions were quite interesting to me: the future of finance, education and the role of business. I would like to post separate entries if I can. 

Above all, perhaps the people amazed me the most were Global Shapers (I belong to the community as well). It was such an experience to see that people of the same generations are doing something great around the world. They gave me inspirations and motivations to continue and put more efforts on what I am doing now. 

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