Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hold tightly

When I was a boy, I sometimes hold precious things (at that time they were mainly toys or insects) so tightly that they were broken or squashed. Even after I got old, from time to time I did the same, although the broken were not toys anymore, but relationships with my significant others. 

I think it's not only me who experienced such bitter events; some of my friends went through unwanted breakup because they love their steadies too much. Having experienced agonies, one of my friends said to me, " the most important thing in relationship building is to keep the appropriate distance. If the distance gets too close or too far, something would go wrong. " "Preaching truth after storm is very easy.", I said to her. 

Occasionally, I am reminded of what I did wrong and regret them, even knowing that regretting something means and creates nothing. However, at the same time, I cherish those memories, as they were the very vivid proof of my life, in which I tried to do the best as an imperfect man. A good thing is that memory would never be broken down but even tell me more, when I hold it tightly. 

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