Thursday, April 12, 2012


These days, I have more opportunities to be members of various communities. I should admit that I've been quite critical of these communities until recently, as the member selection process seems to be quite arbitrary, opaque and nepotistic. Besides, I cannot imagine that my heros/heroins would actively participate the communities like this. If they had time to attend the sessions of the communities, they would spend that time for those who need help.

However, just recently I realized that I may be too narrow-minded. Now the question became much more simple:

You have a certain goal that you wanna accomplish. Would those opportunities be helpful to make you close to the goal in the long run? Make best use of the opportunities if the answer is yes, and abstain from being involved in it if the answer is no.

Slightly off the topic though, there is another consideration. I know I am far from the representative of my generation, but people from other countries would see me like that. These days I feel some obligation to perform well in many conferences, because otherwise people in other countries would undervalue our generation, the situation that is quite unfair. That is one of the reasons why I started to learn English.

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