Sunday, August 07, 2011

Fuji Rock 2011

It was Naeba in Nigata prefecture, not Yamanashi or Nagano where mt. Fuji is located. That was the first thing I noticed when I attended Fuji Rock Festival first time in life, in the final summer while I'm 20s.

It was terrible environment and infrastructure, the second thing I noticed; from Echigo-yuzawa station, I waited for circa 1.5 hours to take a bus to get to Naeba. After the arrival, I waited in a long line to get my ticket exchanged to a wrist band, proof of buying a ticket. Massive rain was all over the mountains, culminating in the disastrous flood.

With that said, it was one of the most memorable events I had in 20s. The severe wether condition seems to strengthen the power of music. Anyone has experienced how the food is delicious when one is hungry. You can sense how beautiful and powerful the music is, when you're in a severe condition. Every stage was great, but if I were to pick up one, I would say that the live of Coldplay was the best (picture). It was not just the music but the mixture of all sorts of arts.

The live performance was great and everyone including me got excited, but during the live performance, I sensed as if I am a stranger in the crowd. As a person who has the experience in playing in front of people, I may have viewed them not only as the greatest artists in the world, but also as competitors or teachers. I was trying to learn from them something, while to some extent I was enjoying it. Would like to do the similar thing in the future.

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